about me

hi, my name is alex (she/her)! i'm a cozy streamer from canada (chinese-vietnamese). i enjoy playing valorant, hoyoverse games, and rpgs ♡


currently streaming omori, genshin, star rail, and valorant. other games i've streamed are listed below.simulation
— animal crossing: new horizons
— stardew valley
rpg & adventure
— genshin impact
— honkai: star rail
— omori
— pokemon shining pearl⋆
— pokemon violet
— the legend of zelda: breath of the wild
shooters & moba
— fortnite
— overwatch 2
— pokemon unite (retired master)
— valorant
— celeste⋆
— gris⋆
— hollow knight
— it takes two⋆
— little nightmares⋆
— pico park⋆
⋆ completed


— icon: kaitoise
— pngtuber: mineggie
— cafe flatlay: selustials
— panel chibis: idean_n
— sub & bit badges: shoyukia
— cam border: nanagadesign
— chat widget: melonturtle
— alert sounds: sailor moon (clipped by tycheざい)
— kirby cursor: jordbearr
astarieth (heart, knife, shy, sip, stress, wow)
jooxhano (copium, cringe, gasp, lol, o7, yay)
shierypop (wiggle)
littobug (ghost)
spyderowo (kiriko pop)
meowwwwdy (eevee jam)
kellyfleur (rudolph, gift)
shoyukia (white bunny)
nnoronidesign (lilac penguin)


desktop pc specs
cpu: intel i9-9900KF
gpu: gigabyte geforce RTX 3050
ram: 32 gb (2 x 16 gb)
laptop specs (school setup)
cpu: amd ryzen 7 5800H
gpu: nvidia geforce RTX 3050
ram: 16 gb
microphone: rode podmic
audio interface: elgato wave XLR
headset: logitech aurora G735
camera: iphone 11 + epoccam pro app
keyboard: RK G68, YMDA hana keycaps, akko cs jelly white linear switches
mouse: logitech G305 lightspeed (lilac)
capture card: foscomax video
controls: elgato stream deck mk.2 (white)

work with me

i am available for sponsored streams, game showcases, reviews, and unboxings!please email business inquiries to [email protected]