alex is a chinese-vietnamese streamer and content creator from canada. she enjoys playing video games and connecting with her community, the lilacs florets.


twitch credits.

channel art

stream music

stream specs.


Processor (CPU)Intel Core i9-9900KF
Graphics Card (GPU)ASUS GeForce GT 1030 LP (placeholder)
MotherboardASUS Prime B365M-A
Memory (RAM)T-Force VulcanZ DDR4 32 GB (2 x 16 GB)
Solid State Drive (SSD)Kingston A400 480 GB
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)Western Digital 10 TB
Power Supply (PSU)Thermaltake Smart 600 W


MicrophoneXIIVIO USB Condenser Microphoneamazon.ca
Microphone ArmNEEWER Microphone Boom Arm Standamazon.ca
HeadphonesOneOdio A70 Bluetooth & Wired Headphones (Black)amazon.ca
CameraiPhone 11 with EpocCam Pro appelgato.com
LightingUBeesize 10" Ring Lightamazon.ca
KeyboardSize: 65% | Board: RK G68 (painted frame) | Keycaps: YMDK Hana, ZDA Profile | Switches: Lubed Akko Jelly White, Linear | Lube: Krytox 205g0 | Lubed stabs | Tape modded PCBcustom built by ianconvenience
MouseLogitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless (Lilac)bestbuy.ca
DeskmatUsagi Deskmat, 900mm x 400mmcelestialfox.ca
Capture CardFoscomax Video Capture Cardamazon.ca
ConsoleNintendo Switch - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Editionwalmart.ca
Switch ControllerSTOGA Nook Wireless Pro Controller (Sky Blue)stogagame.com
PC ControllerXbox Series X|S Wireless Controller (Robot White)amazon.ca

digital tools

ItemSpecification & Link
Streaming softwareOBS Studio
Alert boxStreamElements
Captions plugin for OBSCloud Closed Captions
Audio Mixer plugin for OBSWindow Capture Audio
PNGtuber (animated avatar)Discord Reactive Image Generator
Chat BotsFossabot & StreamElements
More info & stream helpmy stream resources carrd


currently streaming
- genshin impact
- valorant
previously streamed
- animal crossing: new horizons
- celeste (completed epilogue)
- cozy grove
- gris (completed)
- hollow knight
- it takes two (completed)
- pokemon shining pearl
- pokemon unite
- spiritfarer
- stardew valley
- story of seasons: pioneers of olive town
- the legend of zelda: breath of the wild

stardew mods.

these are the mods i use on pc stardew valley, managed with vortex

modding toolsSMAPI - Stardew Modding APInexus
modding toolsContent Patchernexus
user interfaceUI Info Suitenexus
recolourStarblue Valleynexus
portraitsLeyalluna's Portraitsnexus
buildingsSeasonal Buildingsnexus
grassWildflower Grassnexus
characterCoii's Girls Sets Packnexus
characterCoii's Hats Packnexus
characterCuter Shoesnexus
characterHats Won't Mess Up Hairnexus
multiplayerhow to play with more than 4 playerstweet by ConcernedApe

genshin builds.

these are my current (unfinished) genshin impact character builds at AR 55! if you would like to view my showcase, my UID is 610391878 (note: i do not accept random friend requests).* = WIP or placeholder

CharacterWeaponTalentsArtifact SetSandsGobletCirclet
Ayaka ★90/90, C0Amenoma Kakeguchi90/90, R39, 9, 9Blizzard StrayerATKCryoCDMG
Albedo60/60, C0Cinnabar Spindle20/20, R51, 4, 4Husk of Opulent Dreams*DefGeo*
Bennett80/80, C2Favonius Sword80/80, R35, 6, 8Noblesse ObligeHPHPHP
Diluc80/80, C0Luxurious Sea Lord80/80, R57, 8, 7Crimson Witch of Flames*ATKPyroCRate
Diona80/80, C3Sacrificial Bow80/80, R25, 7, 10Maiden Beloved + Noblesse Oblige*HPHPHP
Hu Tao80/80, C0Deathmatch90/90, R18, 8, 8Crimson Witch of FlamesHPPyroCRate
Kokomi80/80, C0Prototype Amber80/80, R27, 8, 8Ocean-Hued Clam*HPHPHP
Raiden Shogun80/80, C0The Catch90/90, R58, 8, 8Emblem of Severed FateATKElectroCRate
Sayu60/60, C6Favonius Greatsword70/70, R34, 7, 7*ATKAnemo*
Sucrose80/80, C2Sacrificial Fragments80/80, R34, 7, 7Viridescent VenererEMAnemoEM
Tartaglia80/80, C0Rust80/80, R26, 8, 8Heart of Depth*ATKHydroCRate
Xiangling80/80, C4Dragon’s Bane80/80, R16, 8, 11Emblem of Severed Fate*ATKPyroCRate
Xingqiu80/80, C2Favonius Sword*80/80, R16, 8, 8Emblem of Severed Fate*ATKHydroCRate

genshin resources